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Our tees go through a very special, intricate process to be made. We are still working through a few kinks and have some extras that I don't believe are of a high enough standard to be sold for full price, BUT they are still amazingly gorgeous and deserve to be loved.

These items have VERY minor imperfections (small marks, stains that are barely noticeable and may or may not come out in the wash - I haven't tried. Or these items may have been worn in a photoshoot & not actually have any flaws). They're just not 100% perfect, so we will be selling them for 25% off regular price!


  • You will NOT know what the exact flaws are in the item you are purchasing - just know it will follow the guidelines of the item description
  • To see what the particular item looks like, see the item listing in our online shop
  • All sales are final! No exchanges, refunds, or cancellations. Once you place the order, I will not be able to cancel it or alter sizes for any reason.