Background of Ho'omau Hawai'i Market

It is no secret ... Hawai'i has become a brand. An not just a brand .. a huge global brand. People from all over the world love Hawai'i and it's perceived views of paradise. Sadly, the worldwide view of Hawai'i is often very misleading and is being capitalized on by large corporations just looking to make a quick dollar off of our culture, and our home. When you Google "Hawaiian gifts", "Hawaiian things", "Hawaii fashion", your search is flooded with things like fake flower lei, grass skirts, coconut bras, and tiki mai tai cups. None, I mean NONE, of these are true authentic pieces of Hawai'i. 

So, Ho'omau Hawai'i Market was born ... from a need for a place for Hawaiians to thrive, for the people of Hawai'i to reclaim the brand of Hawai'i, and portray it for what it truly is. 

We have many markets throughout Hawai'i that do great work at supporting local businesses. I wanted to create an event that is a little different in our ethos. I wanted to have an event specifically to uplift the small businesses who are doing great work to educate, perpetuate, and normalize the authentic pieces of our culture. I wanted an event that is filled with majority Native Hawaiian owned businesses because our culture starts with us. It is OUR culture. It's incredible how people have taken history, and 'Ōlelo Hawai'i, which was once almost lost completely and have brought it all back in very practical, fashionable ways.  It's truly incredible. I wanted to support them, honor all of us, and continue and strengthen all of our business missions. 

This is Ho'omau Hawai'i Market and this is what you will find if you come and shop with our vendors. 


Here is the interview that I did with KHON giving some background on the mākeke!  It was my first live interview and I was so nervous, but I was so grateful to be able to do it!



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