I ka wa ma mua
ka wa ma hope.

The future is in the past.

about us

We celebrate our heritage through perpetuating the culture of our ancestors

Culture is the indigenous expression of a people and a place. While it has ancient ties, we believe that culture can be made modern and fashionable. In our world today, we see Hawai'i being portrayed with grass skirts, faux flower lei, pineapples and coconuts - All of which are inaccurate icons of true Hawai'i. So, we were inspired to recreate the image of our home through authentic connections to our native culture and language.
Mahalo for joining us in spreading 'Ike Hawai'i (Hawaiian knowledge).

Honoring Hawaiian roots, preserving our ancestry

Native Hawaiian woman owned

Giving back to our local communities

Ethical and sustainable production practices

Our Founder

From elementary teacher to entrepreneur

Kupaa i ko makou mau waiwai

Core Mission