Ho'omau Hawai'i Market

We wanted to have a space that honors, supports, and highlights creatives who are perpetuating and normalizing Native Hawaiian culture, so we created a mākeke that does just that -- Ho'omau Hawai'i Market!  A few times throughout the year, we host this market in which all vendors respectfully infuse aspects of 'Ike Hawai'i and 'Ōlelo Hawai'i into their products and business practices.

Background of our name: Depending on the context, Ho’omau Hawai’i has many meanings (just like most Hawaiian names and phrases.) When naming this particular mākeke, we wanted a name that was broad enough to be inclusive, but specific enough that it spoke to our mission.  To us, Ho’omau Hawai’i simply means “to perpetuate Hawai’i”. 

Stay tuned for our next mākeke - to keep up with event info, check out our event website: