Becoming a mama: Part 2 - IVF

What draws people to Jesus is different.  For me, I sought Him out so He would perform miracles in my life.  When I first started going to church, I went with the intention of pleasing God, so He would gift me a child.  The doctors couldn't heal me, so it could only be Him.  

After the year of trying out all those treatments, my doctor performed a surgery that was supposed to be THE CURE.  It would clean and prep my body for a baby!  Well, it didn't.  After waking up from the anesthesia, my doctor told me I had endometriosis and deformed fallopian tubes (on top of the PCOS I was already diagnosed with) and I really should consider doing IVF.  IVF?!?  In Vitro?!?  I was 25 years old.  Jesus was not doing what (I thought) He was supposed to.

I was so determined to get pregnant.  I had never wanted something so badly.  I had a dream that Jesus told me I would be a mom when I was 26 years old.  If I did invitro now, I would be a mom at 26. You can't ignore messages from God!  So, a few months after talking about the process and what it exactly it would entail, we started.  If you have gone through invitro, you know the strength it requires.  The first step is to extract eggs from your body.  To do this, you need to inject yourself with multiple shots a day for weeks at a time to force your body to produce many many many eggs.  I felt like a human pin cushion and my stomach was so sore from all the egg follicles being made.  After those weeks, a surgical procedure is done to remove the eggs once they're ready.  After the egg retrieval, your body can react in multiple ways.  For me... I was in so much pain for about a week.  I had to sleep sitting up due to the fluid that filled my body and it was painful to walk or move.  To give you an idea:  the average woman releases one follicle every month.  During these weeks, my body produced 34 follicles. The next step can also differ.  My eggs were paired with my hubby's swimmers and we prayed for them to successfully create embryos.  8 embryos were made and frozen to be implanted when we were ready.

During this process, my husband and I started counseling with one of the pastors at our church who also happened to be my "aunty".  Oh my goodness, THIS was a huge part of Jesus' acts of faithfulness to us.  She helped us process our questions, and reassured us that Jesus had a plan for us and it was plan only derived from love.  IVF is really tough and if you know anyone who is going through it, know that they need support.  The people that surrounded my husband and I through this process truly helped to get us through it with high hopes and an uplifted spirit.  

In August of 2016, we completed our first round of IVF.  More daily shots- very painful shots.  More pills.  More anxiety.  More hope.  We implanted two embryos and on August 14 of that year, found out we were expecting TWINS!


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