Aloha kākou!  I'm so excited to start blogging here on our website.  It has always been my vision that Mahina Made becomes more than just a shop.  I want it to be a platform that inspires, educates, and connects others.  

How We Began

Mahina Made actually started awhile ago as a small jewelry business.  While I was a freshman in college, I came home during the summer and made jewelry.  Mostly, I gifted them away- I never did any craft fairs or sell in an online shop like we do now, but I still needed a company name for when I would give gifts.  Mahina is my middle name, and so ... Mahina Made was born.  **I know- pretty boring story lol**  

Fast forward years later, Mahina Made was reborn with a completely new look.  In 2016, I became pregnant.  However, we lost our baby 21 weeks into our pregnancy.  I spent the next six months broken, defeated, and with no desires to do much of anything.  Then, in June 2017, God started to heal me.  He started with planting a simple idea in my mind-  God knew I love crafting, so He told me to create a custom doormat with the saying “Aloha Lives Here”.  That phrase has since become something that we center this business around.  Anyway, I posted a picture on my personal Instagram and immediately received a bunch of comments asking if we could sell them!  So, we opened up an Etsy shop and that was the first product we sold.  

Since then, our lives have changed and so has Mahina Made.  We have expanded and grown so much bigger than I ever imagined, but I’m so grateful for the promises God has made to us and how He brought this business out of the ashes.  This small shop has given so much to my family and I & we believe that it’s purpose is to give to others.  Follow our blog for testimonies, advice, tips, lifestyle... basically anything and everything!  


Here is a picture of our first Instagram post with the product that started it all!


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  • Char

    Wonderful story! So inspiring! Mahalo for sharing!

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