What are Essential Oils?

About 8 years or so ago, my best friend introduced me to dōTERRA essential oils for a headache that I had.  She gave me some peppermint to rub on my temples and back of my neck... and just like magic, those tiny drops made my headache go away!  I was amazed and so intrigued.  Fast forward all these years later, I have invested my time and energy into learning just what these oils are, how they work, and how they can help my family to take care of our health and wellness.  

Skeptical?  I get it.  I grew up in a household who always had bottles of tylenol, motrin, advil, robitussin, claritin... you name it!  It's no doubt that these medicines work.  But why?  It's because they put a bandaid over the real problem hidden beneath the symptoms.  Will tylenol get rid of a headache?  Absolutely.  But why do you have that headache?  What is your body trying to tell you?  Essential oils help to cure what is causing that headache (or whatever ailment you're feeling).  They should be used EVERYday.  They are an amazing preventative measure to help your body help itself.  

Why dōTERRA Essential Oils?

Essential oils, when pure and therapeutic, can help your body to maintain its physical, mental, and emotional health.  These oils are extracted from plants using different methods and work with your body's natural defenses to heal and promote holistic self-care.  Our bodies WANT to heal and these oils help it to do so in a 100% natural and safe way.

In my personal and business life, I solely use dōTERRA oils.  dōTERRA is known for its sourcing-- they only harvest from plants that are chemical free, and do not use artificial fillers or any harmful substances.   They also source from areas where the plants are originally from, which means they have the perfect environment for growing and harvesting.

How to Buy?

If you want to try out oils to see if they are something that works for you and your family, send us a message.  We can make a blend for you to sample based on your needs!

If you're looking for a specific oil, want to see what other products doTERRA offers, or would like to sign up for a membership, follow the link below.  There's two options for purchasing doTERRA oils:

1. If you're planning on making a one time order and would like to purchase oils at the retail price, visit the link below:


  • Click on "Shop"


2. If you'd like to start making an investment in oils, I recommend signing up for a wholesale membership!  It's like Costco or Sams Club, but better!  You get 25% off and you accrue points that can be used for future purchases.  Visit the link below if you'd like to sign up for a wholesale membership & follow these steps:


  • Click "Become a Member"

  • Choose "Wellness Advocate" or "Wholesale Customer"

  • Fill in personal info
  • If it's not filled in, put in "5104904" in referral ID#

  • Choose a kit **feel free to contact me for recommendations**

  • Submit

  • Keep on the lookout for your pretty purple box coming in the mail!!!

If you need ANY help or have any questions, please leave us a message and I'd love to help you on your oil journey!  

Already have oils?  Stay tuned for our next blog post to read about our must-have oils & favorite ways we use them! 

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