Summer Tips from a Teacher-Mom

I've been an elementary teacher for seven years and I can proudly say, "teachers LOVE summers just as much as their students."  Summers are great - no one can argue with that... waking up later, spending your days doing all the things you love, more family time, etc. etc. etc.

In between all the fun that your kids deserve, here are a couple tips that I lovingly give you that will help to prepare your keiki for the transition BACK to school after these couple months off because #letsbereal... I know that time is difficult for you as parents, but it is equally as difficult for teachers AND students.

1. READ! - take the time to read daily if possible.  If your child can read at least 20 minutes a day, that will drastically help them with so many different skills (vocabulary, study habits, general knowledge, literacy skills, etc.)  Let your child read anything that interests them!  Also, read with them to make it fun.  Show your child how to fall in love with reading.

2. Practice math facts! - depending on what age/level (go off what they learned in the previous school year: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, factors, etc.) and make it fun.  Practice in the car: give them a fact & a few seconds to solve, challenge between family members, etc.

3. Journal! - this is something that requires more time, but could become a great keepsake for your family.  Have your keiki create a summertime memories journal and document all their favorite things they did throughout the summer.  You could even do it together - add pictures, drawings, anything and everything!

4. Apps/websites! - I KNOW the love for technology is so real these days, but there are a BUNCH of apps and websites that are fun and educational.  If you'd like a more extensive list, send us a message, but I'll just highlight one website for now: Prodigy.  It is completely free (with the option to purchase in-app add ons).  It is a math game that is aligned with the standards your child is learning in school.  My kids LOVE it so much, they often forget they are learning.

5. Play! - your keiki were cooped up for an entire school year learning a ton of great stuff, but they didn't get to JUST BE KIDS.  Get them outside to run around, go to the beach, park, etc.  They should be exercising at least 60 minutes a day!

6. Art! - paint, draw, color, make books, sculpt clay, make collages... is an amazing website full on awesome art projects you can do with your kids!

Happy summer everyone!!!

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